Q: How much does Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) cost?

An eight inch thick AAC wall costs $4.00 per square foot of wall area. Transportation costs from the production plant to the building site average $1.00 per mile for a fully loaded tractor trailer. A fully loaded truck can hull 12 pallets of block, which is 500 square feet of eight inch wall area. (lastupdated February 2008)

Q: Where can I buy AAC?

AAC is currently produced by two companies in the U.S. at three plants. The manufactures have distributors throughout the country. Check out the Links page for details.

Q: Can I put siding on an AAC building?

Yes, though we recommend a considering a stucco or brick facade for reducing long term maintenance costs and environmental impacts. If you decide to use siding, we recommend a fiber cement composite material such as HardiePlank.

Q: Is AAC green?

Yes. AAC is 100 percent recyclable, contains no dangerous chemicals, and produces fewer greenhouse gases than many other building materials. Buildings built with AAC are more energy efficient than comparable houses built with lumber, CMU blocks, or brick. >>More>>

Q: How does AAC compare with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)?

Content under development. March 2008.

Q: How does AAC compare with strawbale houses?

Content under development. March 2008.