Mixing Mortar

There are two types of mortar needed for AAC construction, leveling bed mortar and thinset mortar. The leveling bed mortar is only used under the first row of AAC. It is never used between or on top of AAC blocks. Thinset mortar (i.e. what you use to lay bathroom tile) is used to glue AAC blocks together. You should use the thinset mortar sold by your AAC supplier because it is formulated for the AAC block you will be using.

Leveling Bed Mortar Thinset Mortar
Leveling Bed Mortar Thinset Mortar



Tools needed to mix thinset mortar include:

Drill for mixing thinset mortar and drilling holes for conduit.

Thinset mortar

The mortar typically comes in 25 pound bags. We find it easiest to mix half of a bag at a time. First add XX gallons of water to the mixing bucket. Second carefully pour in half of the bag of thinset. Mix with the drill paddle for approximately three minutes. Let stand for five minutes to slake. Mix briefly again. Done.

Mix thinset mortar

Leveling bed mortar

Mix the dry ingredients together and then add water. The mortar should be the consistency of mashed potatoes; pliable but not runny.