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Staub Design, LLC was founded to design, build and bring to market high quality multi-family housing. Our prior experiences with a wide range of building materials and methods have convinced us that the quality of residential construction can be raised without increasing costs, by building with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) and integrated concrete floors.


John Staub
135 Ritchie Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-587-2412
Mobile: 202-309-2928
Fax:       866-461-0972
john "at" StaubDesign.com

Dave Staub, MD
706 E Walnut St
Sisseton, SD 57262
Phone:   605-698-3217
Fax:       866-461-0972
dave "at" StaubDesign.com

We see high quality affordable housing as a key component for improving the physical and economic health of people. We are driven to improve the health, safety, economic security, and comfort for all.


John is president of Staub Design, LLC. John grew up remodeling houses. He is an energy economist focused on modeling international long-term energy supply and demand. He holds a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Chicago, and has undergraduate degrees in physics and philosophy. John’s interest in economics and public policy came about while teaching high school science in Malawi, Africa as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer.

Dave is a member of Staub Design, LLC. He has lived in Sisseton, SD for over 30 years where he has served the community as a family medicine physician. Besides practicing medicine, Dave farms and remodels houses, and helps run the community swimming pool. Dave is currently helping lead community wind development efforts in South Dakota. Dave taught irrigation and gardening in the U.S. Peace Corps during the late 1960s in Ethiopia.

We are a father and son team with backgrounds in medicine, physics, economics, public policy, teaching, international development, farming, cabinetry making, remodeling, and concrete construction.

Our experiences with remodeling and new construction, coupled with our expertise in public policy and medicine give us a unique understanding of the needs for quality housing and the options for achieving that goal. We believe we can bring to market a superior product in terms of durability, health, economics, and aesthetics. Our long-range goal is to develop a portfolio of designs and construction guides that will enable anyone who can use a level and a builder’s square to build their own house. We also would like to eventually create a business that assists landowners and potential homeowners with pooling resources to leverage construction capital, which in help eventual homeowners capture property value increases.