Laying AAC block after the 1st row

After the first row of AAC block is layed, the following rows go up much more quickly. First, thinset mortar is applied to the end of the previous block and the horizontal area where the next block will be layed.

Apply mortar to end of previous block. Apply thinset mortar to the end of the previous block using a 1/4 square toothed trowel.
Apply mortar to area where block will be layed. 2. Trowel thinset mortar on the horizonal area where the next block will lay.
Set block in at an angle. 3. Gentally set the AAC block in place. Coming at a slight angle helps avoid touching the mortar unevenly.
Press the block against the previous block, being careful to not push the previous block out of place. The thinset mortar begins to set up in 30 seconds.
Check for levelness lengthwise. Now check for levelness in three directions:

1) lengthwise
Check for levelness, in-and-out. 2) In and out
Check for vertical alignment 3) Vertically

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