The buildings described in this section highlight several applications ideally suited to AAC. They are by no means the only architectural styles conducive to building with AAC. Rather they are meant to demonstrate how houses we are all familiar with can be built with AAC.

A second factor in choosing these specific styles is the reason they are so prolific in America. They work. Generations of architects, builders and homeowners have fine-tuned the bungalow and the row house / townhouse. (For all intensive purposes the row house and townhouse are equivalent; a narrow, deep, multi-floor building.) They maximize comfort and function while minimizing costs. Moreover, their basic layouts can be tweaked to produce an infinite variety of exterior facades and interior designs. They provide commonality, while allowing for individuality; much like America does for its citizens.

In each project, we include a discussion of options to conside, photos for clarrification, floor plans, and side views to show how the building is built.